Fried Rice

This is a recipe Elli invented herself. Amanda approves and often request it for chicken dinners. Its so simple anyone could do it! And it is one of the first things Elli likes to share with newbies who are afraid of cooking! Its so good, and it seems to give them confidence. It can be made parve … Continue reading

Thai Turkey Burgers with Broccoli Slaw

When I first made this recipe for Amanda she was apprehensive. “Thai food and turkey burgers do not go.” As a matter of fact they do–very well! So well that Amanda can’t imagine turkey burgers any other way!! I found this recipe on Tastespotting (my place to go for mouth watering food pics and recipe links). The picture of these burgers … Continue reading

Our version of “authentic” Italian Meatballs

These meatballs are adapted from our friend Laura, she is a real Italian, and taught us her Grandmother’s recipe over a year ago! Since then we eat them regularly! Everyone loves these delicious meatballs and they are super easy to make at school or at home! We did make a slight alteration to the recipe  It traditionally is … Continue reading