About Kosher

Kosher has many different meanings for many different people. There are different levels of kosher. There are different certifications of Kosher. There is even imitation kosher or “Kosher Style“.


But when we say we Keep Kosher this is what we mean:

-We do not mix meat and milk products.

-We do not eat Shellfish or Pork

-We only eat Meat that is Kosher Certified/Hechshered 

-We essentially do what we are comfortable, which stems from how we were raised and taught.

Some Key Words

Milkhik: Dairy, food made from milk products such as cheese, yogurt, and many baked goods.

Fleishik: Meat, kosher meat products come from animals such as Cows, Chicken, Duck, Lamb.

Parve: products that are neither milk or Dairy. It includes items such as fruits, veggies, eggs, and fish. 

Treif: Non kosher items. Such as Pig products and shellfish.

Hester: a person. Often used in an endearing manner.

Our Job here is to change your perception of Kosher from the products above to delicious everyday meals!


Here is a fun site that describes a little more about our daily “kosher” lives.


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